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The One Last Request Guide answers many questions that sometimes we are too afraid to think of, let alone ask of a loved one. By purchasing the Guide, you are telling your family and friends what you want, when the time comes and that’s the way it should be. It’s your life and when you die you should still be in control of how your personal possessions and other important items are distributed.


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Print guide

The print guide is a beautiful book that will be posted to you. You will be able to fill it out and keep it nearby, easily accessible and passed on. All you need to do is tell your loved ones where you keep it — but there is the reassurance in the fact that they will likely find it after your passing.


About the

Digital guide

The digital guide is a tech savvy alternative to its print counterpart — you will be able to download it and get to filling it out right away. You could print it at home and fill it out, or alternatively you could digitise it and fill it out digitally. This would allow you to email it on to loved ones easily.


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