Our story

After Sharon’s mother passed away suddenly, her sister, brother and herself were left to finalise all those things that their mum wasn’t able too. Where do you start? They had no idea. From this experience “One Last Request” was born.


There is nothing worse than having a loved one pass away, your mind and emotions are all over the place and the world doesn’t stop. Between trying to arrange their funeral and grieving you have to finalise the bills, close bank accounts or even clean a house out and so forth…where do you start, right here is where you start.


With One Last Request the idea is to have all those important papers in one place where the loved ones left can find them easily and start the finalisation process. Which leaves them to grieve without the stress of trying to deal with the issues that have been left.


The guide

The guide takes the hard work out of the equation. No matter if you bought this for yourself, a parent or family member, a friend or as a bundle for a workplace, you will find it is easy to complete and update whenever necessary.


Fill out every page with as much information as you can, the more information the easier it will be for the family left behind. Making sure all account numbers, phone numbers and addresses are correct. If you bought this package for yourself you can add anything to it that you think maybe helpful to your loved ones in their time of sadness.

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